Getting started with me:my™team

Published May 11, 2023 by Dave for me:my™resources

Thank you for exploring me:my™team


As a team facilitator or coach, working with a team, you will want a method that delivers faster, with more ease and impact, bringing better outcomes for the team and organisation. 

The me:my™team diagnostic ensures you can discover how the unique group of people is performing today. This sets the scene for the team to acknowledge what is working well and to identify their gaps, in a specific context.

Payment is only incurred when you decide to purchase access to the team survey for your team members. If you find benefit using me:my™team and want to extend it to new users and new teams - simply pay as you go.

Track the progress of the team over time, as it accelerates in both performance and impact. Celebrate and close any gaps. Make sense of now, choose the future together.


1. You are welcome to watch these 5 videos to find out How it Works and What to Expect. 

Set yourself up for success.


Briefing the team



The 6M model


View model


Using survey results



Setting up conversations



Engaging in team conversations



2. You already have a me:my™resources account, you can click 'Get Started' below to immediately create a diagnostic survey.

3. Alternatively when you sign in to your account, focus on the me:my™team panel, and select Create new survey, review existing surveys.

4. This takes you to your My Account page. Select the purple Add survey button to the left of your screen.

5. The Create a survey panel is revealed. [Either route in, shows this panel].

Screenshot 2023-12-04 at 10.12.38.png


6. The survey type is me:myteam in the dropdown menu.

7. Please note: When using me:my™team it's important that all team members focus on a particular context, as they respond to the survey statements. This context must be agreed with the team and leader e.g. 'culture change', or 'strategic direction' or 'programme delivery' or 'innovating together'. 

8. Specify the context and key question, to ensure focus. e.g. 'Culture change' and 'How are we delivering culture change today?'

9. Make sure you choose the correct group name or create a new 'team' name e.g. 'Sustainability team', or 'organisation X'. 

10. Add user, to input the name of each team member, by name and email address.

11. Slide the radio button to the right, for green, to select the individuals who will be responding to the me:my™team survey.

12. Purchase access to the survey for selected team members at Checkout. £75 plus vat per team member, per survey and guidance. We will send your team members an email welcoming them to me:my™team with instructions. They will sign in and complete their personal input to the team survey.

Once the individual contributions are complete:

As the group administrator, you can then review the team performance and detailed feedback which is anonymised. [This information is available once three team members have completed their contribution, in order to protect confidentiality].



me:my™team is simple for a single or several teams, as well as large organisations with many internal teams. Bulk import features make it easy to quickly set up in large organisations, contact us for more information: