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Published Apr 25, 2023 by Dave for me:my™resources

Thank you for exploring me:my™teamfeedback


This diagnostic will enable stakeholders or direct reports to offer feedback about the team with whom you are working. Using the me:my™teamfeedback diagnostic is simple. 

me:my™teamfeedback works well in parallel with a me:my™team survey. Enabling comparison of the external perceptions of stakeholders against the team's own self-assessment, at a moment in time in a specific context. 

Payment is only incurred when you decide to purchase access to the survey for your team's chosen stakeholders. If you find benefit from using me:my™teamfeedback and you want to extend it to new team stakeholders - simply pay as you go.

Track the progress of the team as it accelerates performance and impact. Stakeholders can offer their assessment over time, following the team conversations and actions being taken.

Please note: When using me:my™teamfeedback it is important that all respondents focus on a particular context, as they respond to the survey statements. This context must be agreed with the team facilitator who sets up the intervention. Examples of such contexts are 'culture change', or 'strategic direction', or 'programme delivery', or 'innovating together'.


1. You already have a me:my™resources account.

2. Create a new me:my™teamfeedback survey for your team's stakeholders to complete, for immediate dispatch, by clicking 'Get Started' below. 

Screenshot 2023-12-04 at 10.16.19.png

3. The survey type is me:myteamfeedback in the drop down menu.

4. Specify the context and key question, which is the focus of the team discussions, to elicit the stakeholder responses. 

5. Make sure you choose the correct team name or create a new team, as any results will be stored under this name. e.g. "Ops team stakeholders"

6. Add user, to input each stakeholder by name and email address.

7. Slide the radio button into green to select each listed team stakeholder who will be taking part in the survey.

8. Purchase access to the survey for selected team stakeholders at Checkout. £45 plus vat per respondent, per survey. 

9. We will send your team's stakeholders an email welcoming them to me:my™teamfeedback with instructions. They will sign in and complete their personal input to the survey.

Once the individual contributions are complete:

10. As the group administrator, you can then review their evaluation of the team's performance and their detailed feedback which is anonymised. [This information is available once three respondents have completed their contribution, in order to protect confidentiality]



Large organisation with many teams?

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