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Published Jun 1, 2023 by karen-dean for me:my™resources

Thanks for exploring me:my™coachfeedback


As a dedicated coach you will want to understand the impact of your work. me:my™coachfeedback gives you an opportunity for validating your professional delivery and receiving feedback, about the difference your work has made to your client and their organisation. Remember to explain to your coaching client how the survey results will be used, agree any permissions.

As a commissioner of coaching, you may wish to invite feedback directly from the coaching client, about the coaching investment, its quality and impact. Be transparent with the coach about your intention to do so, with clear, respectful communication. Offer to provide a copy of the respondent's feedback to the coach. You will be able to gather themes, when using this tool consistently.

Using me:my™coachfeedback is simple, whenever a coaching assignment is complete and you want to elicit feedback. 

You already have a me:my™resources account. Payment is only incurred when you decide to purchase access to a survey for the coaching client. If you would like to extend it to new clients - then simply pay as you go.


1. Click the purple 'Get Started' button below, to create a survey for immediate dispatch to your client. £45 plus vat (if applicable) per coaching client, per survey

2. This is what to expect. The yellow pop-up Create a survey pane will appear

Screenshot 2023-12-04 at 10.05.10.png

3. You must select the survey type as me:mycoachfeedback from the drop down menu.

4. Specify the context and key question, to ensure focus. e.g. 'Leadership coaching investment' and 'What was the impact of the coaching partnership?'

5. You choose the correct group name or create a new 'team' name e.g. 'my coaching clients', or 'organisation X', or 'Business Unit Y', or 'coach Z assignments'. Results will be stored in your administration account under this group/team name.

6. Add user, to input the coaching client by name and email address. Select a single user only, do not input multiple users.

7. Slide the radio button to the right, to green, to select the individual who will be responding to the survey, offering their feedback.

8. Purchase access to the survey at Checkout. £45 plus vat (if applicable) per coaching client, per survey.

9. We will send the coaching client an email welcoming them to me:my™coachfeedback with instructions. They will sign in and complete their personal input to the feedback survey.

10. Alternatively, next time you sign in to me:my™resources, select me:my™coachfeedback from the catalog page, then click 'Show me how' and it will bring you back here to progress creating the survey at 'Get Started' below.

Once your coaching client has completed the survey: As the administrator, you can then review their evaluation of the coaching against 6 coaching competencies. You will also see their detailed feedback on its impact and outcomes for them and the organisation. 


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