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What is me:my™team?

  • An online team self-assessment
  • Anonymised constructive feedback
  • Analysis of how the team works
  • Insight to guide team priorities
  • Enables productive team engagement
  • Leads to targeted agreed actions
  • Measures and tracks progress
  • Based on anonymous responses the team is empowered to talk, acting together to make a difference

    Examining a specific context, (e.g. a high stakes programme of work) ensures the team focusses on what's important. This provides valuable insights, deepening awareness. The team is empowered to bring about positive change.

    What value does me:my™team add?

  • Finding new ways of working
  • Unleashing high performance
  • Increasing productivity
  • Improved effectiveness
  • Better communication
  • Higher motivation
  • Tracking improvement, tangibly

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    For a team at any stage of their journey me:my™team is a superb tool to help understand and facilitate "What Next?" Simple to use, and quick to navigate, the outputs are easy to bring to life and to engage in. Of most benefit is the open question style to the feedback enabling us to draw our own engaged solutions.

    Regional Manager, Major UK Retailer

    The me:my™team diagnostic offers a fresh approach that is different to other team diagnostics such as Myers-Briggs. By keeping the focus on a specific priority, project or aspiration it offers a safe way of collecting data that the team can actually use and apply, as well as guidance as to where the team need to place their attention. It frees the team members to be able to speak freely about how they feel, and identifies differences in view and perspectives on how the team are approaching their chosen focus

    Caroline Hall Professional Certified Coach

    As a result of using this tool we have changed the way that we manage our weekly meetings. It enabled the most successful team event that I have done. We used the graphic to decide how we were going to take our challenges forward - Sales, Service, Standards, People. Our weekly meetings are now just 1hr long (previously 2-2 1/2 hours) and clearly structured with everyone having a part to play.

    Manager, FTSE 100 Company

    me:my™team suggests that high performing teams:

  • Have clarity of vision & purpose
  • Have courageous alignment
  • Deliver together
  • Feel motivated
  • Innovate productively
  • Unlock potential & performance
  • Enjoy professional relationships

  • me:my™team is the gateway to focused conversations for deciding how to act as one

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    How it works. What to expect

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