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What is it?

A next generation method for teams, with the aim to accelerate their performance curve with exceptional outcomes whilst gaining a greater insight on coaching ethos. An integral part of me:my™team is the ability to measure team performance, ‘pre’ and ‘post’ integration against six key factors, which boosts team performance, therefore quantifying progress.

What do you get?

Where does it come from?

me:my™team method was originated by Karen Dean Master Certified Coach and Author. She has 30 years’ experience working in over 100 organisations across 11 sectors, worldwide. Karen is skilled in strategy, complexity and seeking clarity from that. She has applied this to innovating tools and methods for teams, coaches and facilitators.

Where do I use me:my™team method?

me:my™team method works best where there is a need to:

Who is this for?

What is involved?

me:my™team method focuses the team on a specific business context that only your team can deliver. The process involves working with a facilitator or coach who leads the entire process. An experienced HR professional or consultant may also work with this method.


  1. Set up a session to agree the context, key performance indicators and method
  2. Team briefing on the process and the diagnostic tool - me:my™team
  3. Debrief on me:my™team diagnostic results
  4. me:my™team method team sessions x6
  5. Track of team performance by re-visiting the me:my™team diagnostic, measuring progress and identifying any space for improvement and furthering success
  6. Review and debrief, design next steps


Delivery of the business issue through significantly enhanced team performance.

A shared business language and ethos for improved team working.

A complete set of results against the me:my™team model to show the current state and progress.

If you want to find out more about how we can optimise your team, please contact:
Karen Dean MCC:
Telephone: +44 (0) 7802 748793