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What is me:my™teamfeedback?

  • Online assessment for external evaluation of the team’s impact and performance in a specified context
  • A tool, which when used with the me:my™team self-assessment tool, can bring realism to the team’s view of itself, as a direct comparison
  • A method for verifying team progress, by revisiting after an interval, when improvements are measured and persistent gaps identified

  • Compare the 6m Outputs from these important respondents with the team’s self assessment (me:my™team tool)


    Use this tool for team self assessment based on the 6M model ©. This underpins the team coaching conversations which follow.
    (You can use me:my™team in concert with me:my™teamfeedback)

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  • Have clarity of vision & purpose
  • Have courageous alignment
  • Deliver together
  • Feel motivated
  • Innovate productively
  • Unlock potential & performance
  • Enjoy professional relationships

  • me:my™team is the gateway to focused conversations for deciding how to act as one

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